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Precision Fixed Housing

1Profession: we are a manufacturer with over 10 years' manufacturing experience

  • Services: non-standard/standard/OEM/ODM/customized

  • Price: based on the design and weight

  • If you have any inquiries, welcome to contact us

  • Most inquires are responded within 24 business hours

  • Your inquiry will get our best and prompt attention

  • 1. Material:
nickel alloy, stainless alloy, non-magnetism steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy, cobalt base alloy, engineering plastic, ceramic and more as per customer's request

2. Surface treatment: anodize, oxidation, nickel plating, zinc plating, chrome plating, high polishing

3. Secondary processing: E-beam welding, copper plating, black micro arc oxidation, black oxide, anodize with colorful, gas nitriding, QPQ, quench, carburization (Zn/Mn) phosphate, dry film lubrication, zinc plating, passivation, plasma nitride, stress releasing and more

4. High precision: tolerance can be ±0.005mm

5. Inspection equipment: measuring precision machines, roughness tester, plating layer & thickness tester, hardness tester, pin gauge pin, block gauge

6. Machining equipment: professional CNC machining, CNC milling machines, lathes, NC lathers, stamping machines, grinding machines, wire cutting machines, sand blast machines, tapping machines, drilling machines, electric furnace, oven

7. Training: focus on machine technology training, enhance workers' skill in the new manufacturing

8. Founded: 2006

9. Production output: 10,000,000 pieces/month

10. Quality certification: ISO 9001:2008

11. Quality inspection: incoming inspection, during production inspection, pre-production inspection, pre-shipment inspection, 100% inspection

12. Packaging: carton, pear wool packing, wood pallet or based on customer's requirement

Head office:Zhongyun International Limited
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